Hey everyone!

With this week’s Saint Patrick’s Day, I thought it would be nice to tell about my journey to Dublin!

Last year, I was lucky to be able to travel to Dublin, Ireland’s capital for three days (short, but I’ve seen a lot!). I had only been in Ireland for a couple of hours, but I already wanted to go back; that’s the impression the country of so many great writers, poets, singers and artists has made on me. Ireland has a ‘je ne sais quoi‘ and the feeling sticks! Offer me a seat on a flight to Dublin and I’ll leave right away!

The first day, we went litterally citytripping and crossed Dublin in all wind directions; I loved the city right away. It has this calm but yet vibrant atmosphere: you’re in a capital but you have the feeling you are in a town and the people walking the streets are mostly youngsters. Of course, we were told about the Great Famine, which caused one third of the Irish population to emigrate and one other third to starve to death. It is a sad part in Irish history. Throughout Dublin, there are a lot of artworks to be found remembering the Potato Famine.


Day two: on the bus to County Wicklow! This county in the south of Dublin is full of nature and meadows. I knew instinctly; this was a land to my heart. We visited Glendalough, where we went to Saint Kevin’s, we visited Avoca, Powerscourt Gardens and grabbed a bite in one of the local pubs.


The third day we visited the Trinity College, the Writers’ Museum and the Jameson Distillery. This was the day of literature and whiskey and sadly, the last day in Molly Malone’s home town.


Well, this was my story, I hope that in this short post, I was able to share my experiences with you (and perhaps convinced you to pay a visit to Dublin or Ireland in general) and that you know why I love Ireland so, so much!





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