Hi everyone

In this Easter holiday (we get two weeks) I have been rather wanderlusty (if that is even a word 😉 ) and really… how do you call it… It’s the feeling in which you just want to throw your essentials in a carry-on suitcase, drive to the airport and pick a flight. That. You know what I mean? By the way: that is actually on my bucket list. 


We’re travelling to London the end of April with school. I’m really excited, since I have always wanted to visit London – and Britain in general – but I haven’t got further than Canterbury. The three days we’ll be staying there, we’ll be visiting hell of a lot (from Chinatown to Buckingham Palace I presume) and I really look forward to spending three days surrounded by English! It is my favourite language and here in Belgium I sometimes miss speaking and hearing it. The Flemish may be known for their knowledge of languages, but I think less when it comes down to accent. But anyway, if you’re from London or have been in London, what should I really visit or do?


After London, I’ve got exactly one week to recover from my British adventure to get ready for the next one: Copenhagen! For a long time I have wanted to travel up north, to Scandinavia, because -so has been told – that people live differently there then e.g. West Europeans do, like Scandinavians live with a different philosophy. And also because of the thrillers those Swedish / Scandinavian writers get on paper (like Millennium Trilogy by Siegfried Larsson, Silence of the Grave by Arnaldur Indridason) I wanted to check it out! I  think too that a lot more of nature has been preserved there than in Western Europe.


Copenhagen is apparently ‘in’ these days, so I guess we’ll be among a lot of other tourists. I have been learning Danish (not that the learning process is going very well) but I’d love to understand and speak some words. Danish sounds a bit like my native dialect, West Flemish, but then with a twist. It’s so special to find out that so many miles from your home, people’s language sounds the same way yours does.

So, if you have any advice for me or thoughts/opinions you want to share, leave a comment! It would be really nice to get through this boundary of internet anonimity and to know what you, who are reading this post, think! 🙂

Have a nice day!



*The map on the featured image is in Dutch. Any idea how the names on it are pronounced?

**On the featured image, I had written ‘Copenhague’ on my post-it, but that must be ‘Copenhagen’, of course! Sorry O:)


4 thoughts on “Wanderlust: London & Copenhagen || Travelling

  1. Before you make it took Copenhagen Google “free walking tours”, I can’t remember the company but I’m sure it was first on the search results and had a green umbrella. Top tours and you can cover the main highlights in a few hours with knowledgeable, friendly tour guides! 🙂 enjoy London!

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    1. Thanks for the tip! (is that the right word in English for what I mean?) I’m so looking forward to Copenhagen, I’ve never been so far up north. 😊


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