Hey guys!

I know I’m a silent one and it must be so annoying that I don’t post that often, which I’ll try to improve (I’ve got some travelling coming up, so I’m going to make it up to you). But before that, I’d like to discuss a book with you.

I have been reading Christ stopped at Eboli by Carlo Levi (Cristo si è fermato a Eboli / Christus kwam niet verder dan Eboli) and it has left me heartbroken and shivering. In his book, Levi describes the lives of the people in the region Basilicata, Italy, where he is banned to by the fascist Mussolini-regime. He finds himself in a region of huge poverty, malaria and earthly people. They seem to have passed every ideology which crossed the region; the Greeks, the Romans, the Middle Ages, the fascism… They don’t bother, because no one is trying to improve THEIR situation and in a way, they seem to have accepted their fate.

In his descriptions, Carlo Levi has brought me to another Italy than I knew. After reading his book, Basilicata is certainly on the to visit-list.

I’m using the book in an art assignment in school, and I’ll save the rest of what I want so say about Christ stopped at Eboli until I can post it all together.

(feature image: Aliano, Basilicata, Italy)




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