Hi everyone!

First day in London was from the start so splendid! Sun shine on top, all the marvelous buildings and the as marvelous language… I feel at home. 

I’m going to keep it short, since I’m writing this from my hotel room.

First, we arrived at St Pancras and stalled our luggage in the luggage room of the hotel. Then, quickly o the underground to Green Park. I love the openess. We walked towards Buckingham Palace, where the guards were about to change.

Then to Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament, all bathing in the warm sunlight… The colours were splendid!

Then to Trafalgar Square.




2 thoughts on “London: day 1 || Travelling

  1. Welcome to my home town. In fact I can see my office in one of your photos… Haha! 🙂 I would love to blog about London but as a Londoner I really wouldn’t know where to start! For a tourist visiting London for the first time, you’re definitely hitting the right spots 🙂 Looking forward to more updates.

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    1. Thanks! I got back home last night ( 😦 ) and I must say I woke up this morning missing London. If someone got me a Eurostar ticket I’d rush instantly back! And I’d say, as you don’t know where to start with for blogging, perhaps start with the things you love most?
      Thank you again for your positive review! 😀


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