Hi guys

Here my quick fly-over of my third – and sadly last – day in London. I’m processing a more profound and in detail post of my trip to London, which will come up really soon. But anyway, here is my resume:

In the morning, we went for a walk on Southbank, Southwark, from Waterloo station up to the Tower Bridge. Southbank is the best spot for a nice view over the Thames, the City and the modern architecture (think Shard) on Southbank itself.


In the afternoon, we decided to go back to Covent Garden. We grabbed a bite and then spent our last 2 or what hours shopping and wandering around in James Street and Covent Garden Market. It was a fun afternoon, yet again in the sunlight most of the time.

Then, back to the hotel, collecting our bags and off to St Pancras to catch the train.





6 thoughts on “London: day 3 || Travelling

    1. It is… But it’s the Eurostar and the pounds itself too… In Belgium we use Euros and for us it’s not cheap to buy pounds. Is London expensive as place to live too?


      1. Yeah we’re lucky we usually get more for our money with currency exchange, must be so annoying for you. Yes its ridiculously expensive compared to other places in the UK, everything’s about triple the price- that’s why I’m living in Leeds for my degree 🙂


    1. If I could, immediately! I really enjoyed every part of my journey; my ‘to do list’ is even longer than it was before I left! (But what are three days to visit a city like London: too short!)

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