Hi everyone

London left a great impression on me. I am so happy I finally got to see it!

I have always wanted to visit London, since I am so fond of England, English and of course the British! London too has a lot of art in its musea, like in the National Gallery. It was so inspiring to see al those exquisite paintings (my favourites are the Monets) and to wander around in such a fantastic place.

But I have to admit that my personal favourite is the Globe Theatre. I know it may not look like much from the outside, but the inside and the story it contains just blew me away. I have always liked Shakespeare and theatre in general and it was so beautiful to see that a whole crew has decided to rebuild the Globe Theatre to honour him and to keep producing his plays, whether in modern versions or not. I, as a theatre lover, immediately wanted to jump on the stage. But I succeeded in restraining my enthusiasm 😉 .  In the shop after the visit (I was as happy as I could ever be), I found out that they make childrens’ books of Shakespeare’s plays! I was like: my children will get those! As the matter a fact, when we visited the Globe, they were preparing decor for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the play I love the most, so I’d say I left the Globe walking on clouds. (I literally translated a Dutch expression here, I do not know if it’s the same in English).

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I love(d) being around in London. I had visited Paris the year before and when I got back, I realised that I had found myself in museum after museum all the time; I had seen the museums in the city, but not the city itself. In London, I wanted to avoid that feeling. So I got out as much as I could and just… wandered, looked, thought and left again, to store it in my mind forever. Like the experiences in St Paul’s Cathedral, with the Whispers’ Gallery, the magnificent view, the South Bank walk, the Fortune Theatre where we watched The Woman in Black

You the solid streets I wonder

Searching like I’ve always done, all my life

Am I really getting closer to you now?

And my heart it trembles, how it trembles.

– Novastar


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the slideshow: pictures of South Bank, Southwark; the London Eye, graffiti art, a remain of a medieval christian building, St Paul’s Church and the Galleria.

The last day, we went to Covent Garden. The atmosphere there is so relaxted and I am so happy we got the spend our (short) afternoon here. We wandered around the Market, walked through the streets (and tried to wrap our head around the fact that in a couple of hours, we’d be gone) and… perhaps unorthodox, but I discovered a new brand: kikki.K. I’m really sorry, dear Londoners, that it hasn’t British roots but I couldn’t help myself; I am too fond of stationery. (btw: the store’s staff is really friendly, so a big thumbs up)!

So, the morning after I got back, I awoke with a terrible Londonache. I missed London insanely. I have discussed it with some friends and they feel the same way.

Seeking wonderful love

Chasing wonderful love

Feeling wonderful love

– Novastar


I will certainly return to London in the future, and I would love to come and study there as an Erasmus student (or when London doesn’t work out, at another place in the UK and then go to London for a weekend 😛 ).

I would like to thank Londoners worldinsidemypocket and dreamflydiscover for their awesome input and comments on my London journey. Thank you so much! 😀

And to all of you: don’t hesitate to share a thought, give me a tip or to tell about what London – or any other city / experience – is like for you (or to give me addresses of London based stationery stores 😉 ). I’d love to read them!

Oh, and I still got to tell you this; my personal theme song for London was a song by a Belgian group, Novastar. I left some quotations of it in this post. The song is named ‘Closer to you’ and I can’t explain it thoroughly, but it so reminds me of London and how the city left an imprint on me. Link: Closer To You – Novastar

Enjoy your day as I pack for my next adventure: Copenhagen. I’ll keep you posted!



P.S.: I have not yet found time to get to ‘Christ stopped at Eboli’. I’ll get to it when I get back from Denmark.


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