As promised, here my fly-over of my second day in Denmark!

I can already say that I have spent a most terrific and wonderful journey in Copenhagen and I hardly can’t wait to get back.

The second day, we started off in Kronborg, a castle built by Erik VII of Denmark as a fortress. The castle is quite impressive and absolutely stunning in sunny weather!

Kopenhagen 093

While we were there, we went for a walk in the charming town of Helsingør as well. The town is astonishingly well preserved through the ages and it gives you the feeling of being a time traveller.


Around noon, we drove south to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, a museum I would recommend to young and old! It’s just a place where you have to be, and not to look at the art perse. A lot more museums should be like the Louisiana; with a garden, relaxed, so people get the chance to talk and discuss what they see and to take a break from all the art absorbing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the slideshow: various pieces of art I have seen, including the famous Henry Moore sculpture and the view from the garden.

After a – too short, I could have stayed for days – we headed to the Karen Blixen Museum, which is next to the sea and the panoramic road. This extraordinary lady, writer of Out of Africa, her autobiography, returned after her time in Africa to the family home and lived there untill her death. The house is very beautifully preserved and the reserve surrounding it is as stunning. Definitely worth a visit!

Kopenhagen 191Kopenhagen 193

And after our day of visiting, looking, wandering and walking, we – of course – went to Tivoli! Tivoli is the most beautiful, elegant and amusing park I have ever visited! It is so so nice to walk around and to be amazed about the fairytale setting!

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So, that was it for day two! I’ll post my resume of day 3 tomorrow. Then I’ll post my reflection of my journey to Copenhagen, as I did when I went to London.




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