Hej everyone!

Here my resume of my last day in Copenhagen. I am already back home, and oh how I miss Copenhagen! I even miss Danish, though I don’t speak the language.

We got up and decided to cross the Bridge and travel to Malmø (Malmö in Swedish), on the other side of the Sont. Malmø is a charming city with two ‘centres’: the old and the brand new, with the well-known Turning Torso! Once again, we could enjoy the wonderful weather above Scandinavia. It was a dream to do a citytrip in 20 degrees Celsius. 🙂

Kopenhagen 201Kopenhagen 206

Kopenhagen 219

In the afternoon, we visited the Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen. It is the old site where mass production has stopped, but a micro-brewery is still going! They brew Jacobsen beer, which is a side line production next to the Carlsberg.

Kopenhagen 229Kopenhagen 234Kopenhagen 242Kopenhagen 243

After our visit to the brewery, we headed back to the hotel to collect our bags, we went to the airport, hopped on the plane (where I read Think Like an Artist by Will Gompertz, to stay in the Louisiana mood 😉 ) and before I knew, I was back home again and the whole adventure was over. I look back at it with a very warm heart 🙂 .




2 thoughts on “Copenhagen: day 3 || Travelling

    1. It is! The Jacobsens were sort of the Guinness family to Copenhagen. Carl, the owner of the factory was an art lover so he payed for a lot of sculptures (I believe the Little Mermaid including) plus made sure that the brewery buildings looked nice. It’s a really fun place to be at, even just to be 🙂


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