Here is my first part of ‘Looking back at Copenhagen’! I must say that I had a wonderful time in Denmark and it was such a shame that I only got to spend 3 days in Copenhagen.

One of the things that drew my attention was the Danes’ sense for art and architecture. In a way, they seem to fit it in so well. Like: a modern opera house facing the Amalienborg Palace.

Kopenhagen 006

The building is surrounded by old warehouses, but there is no contradiction: the two building styles just coincide and respect each other. There is a lot of openness in their architecture: a lot of glass and ‘clean lines’. Clean lines is the term I’d use to describe Copenhagen in 2 words.

It’s the same story for the Theatre House:

Kopenhagen 010Kopenhagen 011

This is an old warehouse, completely preserved:

Kopenhagen 016

In Helsingør, there was a modern art construction by a Japanese artist. It is a giant colourful fish, all made of plastic garbage. It puts a perspective on how our seas are polluted.

Kopenhagen 136

A bit further on, there was a male version of the Little Mermaid! A had first mistaken it for a copy of the original, but then I saw it was a form of a rather handsome man!

Kopenhagen 104

To me, he appeared so poetic, as he was staring over the old harbour of Helsingør, wandering, waiting. This statue, for me, just flips the story of the Little Mermaid.

Maybe I hope too much.

Maybe I dream too much.

Or maybe I love too much, to just give up on you.

R. M. Drake

One of the most famous art musea in the world is also situated not that far from Denmark’s capital: the Louisiana Museum. It is a museum where one must just be, to enjoy and to absorb. The museum grew out of the little estate of a forester. Now several buildings have been added but the garden has stayed just sublime. People sit, lie down, read books, talk with each other or eat something in the café – where you can have delicious smørrebrød by the way – and walk in and out of the rooms with different collections. I mainly got to see pop art, which I liked very much.

And of course, the well-known Henry Moore sculpture:

Kopenhagen 164

I must say I really like the way they think about art & architecture up north. It’s in a way different than in middle & southern Europe.

Kopenhagen 122Kopenhagen 138

I wanted to end with this: in Louisiana, you could get balloons as in the image shown below. Children were exploring the gardens with it. I immediately thought: those words carry such a heavy load… and yet it was such a hopeful message and it was so cute seeing those kids running around with their white balloons tied around their polses. They are the future, and although they might not fully understand what the words ment, but if they all will live by those words, I can only say that hope is on the winning side! #youthisfuture

Kopenhagen 150

Well, that’s that for today! I hope you enjoyed my talk. Please comment when you would like to share something; I love to read your comments! Have nice day!! 😀



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