Tiny Rituals // Beauty

Tiny Rituals // Beauty

Hi everyone

There is this product I really like and thus want to tell you about. It’s the Tiny Rituals hair & body wash by Rituals Cosmetics.

You might think; a baby wash? Well yes, a baby wash. I have a complex skin and my face really needs a pH-friendly wash. Plus, this product is super gentle and natural, enriched with almond oil and rice milk. I have really stocked up on it and wouldn’t trade it for anything else. It smells delicious, the texture is I think great (and fun to use) and for me, to be short, it has been a staple considering mourning routine. Plus, as it is so gentle, I wash my make up brushes with it! So there you have a two-in-one! How awesome is that! And that it’s fairly cheap AND is donating a part of the profits to a project ‘Tiny Miracles’ based in India, surely are things to cheer on! ๐Ÿ˜€



As it comes to body products and make up, Rituals is my go-to. They’re not always cheap but never really expensive. For make up, I use a good few of products, ( I’m curious to try this peach glow palette, a blush/highlighter/eyeshadow combined, but more on that in another post). But their make up (“the Ritual of Cleopatra”) is not their biggest focus; they also have lines in botanical skin care, interior scents (like fragrance candles & sticks) and have great body products with a marvelous scent too, all according to a certain ritual; hammam, ayurveda, sakura… These are all based on Eastern traditions, practices and principles. The Sakura for example is based on the Japanese celebration of the Sakura tree (it’s the season this time of year! ๐Ÿ˜€ ) which represents the fragility and volatility of life.

Celebrate each day as a new beginning. – The Ritual of Sakura

My two favourites concerning the rituals are Ayurveda & Sakura, but that’s a story for another time. ๐Ÿ™‚




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NOTE 1: this is not an advert in any way and I did not make earnings by posting this article.

NOTE 2: My excuses for the different lighting in the photos, but they were shot in the evening and I don’t have the means (yet) to light everything properly. Thank you for your understanding ๐Ÿ™‚


The thing about choosing – uni // S&E – On matters

We all have that period in our lives where we have to take a decision that we will know to transform our lives, and one of them is deciding what you will be studying at uni. And what a big decision that is.

I still remember myself in 5th grade (Belgian grade, my second-last year in secondary school, that is ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and completely not knowing what to do. My first intentions were to become a doctor, because I had this childhood dream still living in my head of curing those suffering from cancer disease. By the time the year was over, I had realised that the science world was nothing for me. I just had to work too hard to get my grades.

Inbetween getting to that realisation, there was serious doubt. I thought of doing psychology, philosophy, maybe. Languages or biology? Maybe sociology? Or what if I just saw it all wild and went of to drama school?

To summarize, I was just lost. There seemed to be an endless spectre of things you could do that I felt like I had literally no idea what I would do with my life.

If this situation is recognisable for you, I’d suggest you just take a deep breath and start to explore: what’s out there? Because in Belgium, we have this system of academic and professional bachelors, so there’s a spectre of a billion things to choose from – which doesn’t make the choice easier… So basically, get informed. Go take some open classes, get brochures, ask people who are already at uni what their experiences are, go to teachers / your parents… Make sure you have a complete overview.

Secondly, when you have arranged the rainbow of options, start to reason: think logically. Where am I good at? Like, for example, I basically sucked at math and didn’t want to envolve it anymore in my studies or career, so I could cross mathematics, engineering etc. out.

So when that all was down in the bin, I still had some options left open. I thought about what I was really interested in. Languages (I had always had a thing for English and Italian, now I want to learn Danish, Irish and German too… O:) ), society, people drew my attention and I had (and still have) a rather big general interest. I narrowed my options down to two: studying languages (English & German) or studying law. I chose for the latter, because I thought that choosing for English and German would keep the spots of history, sociology, psychology and communication, plus general knowledge uncoloured. I was so happy I made the choice in January in my senior year. A block of concrete fell off my shoulders. I knew it was going to be tougher than languages (all my teachers were thinking I’d be off to literature studies) and so a lot of people were surprised with me choosing for law. & I’m still a bit one of them, but that’s okay ๐Ÿ™‚ .

The most important thing I wanted to say is that if you really don’t know, embrace the fact that you just don’t. Don’t go pick a study programme just because you have to choose something; you will have a fulltime job of studying, attending classes and reading about the field you are exploring, so you must have the right intentions from the start. Trust me, if you don’t like it, you won’t be happy doing it and the results will probably not be as good either. You have to feel comfortable at what you’re doing from 8 AM until 10 PM. If you have the opportunity, pack your bags and go on a gap year to think it over quietly while having new experiences, or go find a job for a year to find where you’re good at / interested in. You might discover aspects of yourself you didn’t notice before ๐Ÿ™‚ .
And even if you chose for the thing that you really loved and find yourself thinking sometimes: “what if…” then don’t panic. It is a sign that you simply are not to be categorised in one box, which is, really, a good thing ๐Ÿ™‚ .



PS: feel free to comment / correct my grammar or spelling mistakes – I am not an English native speaker you see… O:) Anyway, I am happy to read them!

Studying at Uni // Announcements

Hi everyone

Let’s get this straight from the beginning, I almost forgot about this blog. I know, it’s a shame and I think too that it is not so responsable; starting something and then neglecting it.

The two main reasons why I quit for so long, is first because I went to university in fall, starting a bachelor’s degree in Law. I had my desk filled to the rooftop with study work and I didn’t really know how to handle it, so I tangled. I wasn’t myself anymore and the responsabilities, stress, deadlines, time calculation were practically all I thought about. To phrase it in one line: living with my head was dull and toxic…

Secondly, I was afraid. Afraid of throwing my privacy in the wide open world. Only two or three people know about this blog and to be honest, I was afraid about the comments I’d get from friends and family. Opening a blog is in my circle still seen as a typically cosmopolitan thing and, well, I’m not a New Yorker.

But I think I’m going to throw those reasons and doubts overboard and start doing what I love: writing, sharing art, books, photographs, poems, stand up for things I believe in, like gender equality and a more loving world. I’ve set my goal on investing in those things and just keep it real, too. I’ve been limited in expressing the creative part of me (due toย  uni) and it has brought me almost to my knees. I was so… dis-tached. I became apathic and was struck when I realised it myself. The floor disappeared from under my feet.

And, through all this time, I kept watching and reading vlogs and blogs by Estรฉe Lalonde, Garance Dorรฉ, Alexandria Morgan etc, amazed and fascinated, thinking: ‘I want this too.’

So, I hope that all of you out there forgive me my absence. I am truly sorry.

As for blog posts, I’m not going to stick to a plan, since the to the rooftop filled study work hasn’t magically disappeared. But my aim is to post regularly (like once a week) about what’s been on my mind.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xxx

PS: If you’d like to post a comment, please do so! I love reading other people’s thoughts and ideas!