Hi everyone!

As exams start in June – the 9th of June for me, to be more precise – I thought I’d share with you my ‘journal’; how my days are passing and what happened. I have never done this before so I hope you’ll like it! 🙂

Friday the 26th was a total mess. The train I wanted to take to Kortrijk (city in West-Flanders) wasn’t riding that day (should have known, the day after Ascension Day…). But anyway, I got there.

I positioned myself outside in the grass, because the library would be packed I thought, plus it was such a beautiful weather out… Couldn’t resist and so I sat on my shawl in the grass, no one there but me. Magical!

A friend came to join me later and so we sat studying economics together – we study law, but it’s a course you have to take. It was nice, but of course a lot of talking happened O:) .

In the afternoon we had two classes which was immensely frustrating as ‘the blok’ (which would in English be ‘the cram’ or something because I remember learning the word cramming as studying, but then continuously) actually already had started the day before. You want to study, not go to a class for just the 6 remaining pages of your coursebook! But everything turned out fine.

As I got home at 7 pm I was soaked in sweat and so tired! I still had some studying to do so… Hooray! Plus my mum was working in the garden and asked me to help, it was rather a chaotic evening.

Day two completed, day three, show me what you got! 😉




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