Restarting the blog, for the millionth time // Announcements

Restarting the blog, for the millionth time // Announcements

Hi everyone

Do you all know that feeling in which you can’t seem to get to something, although you want it? Well, it happens to me all the time when it comes to this blog.

My usual ‘excuse’ is that I’m attending university and so all my hours in a day are pretty much buckled up with study work, but I’m afraid that this isn’t the whole truth.

I have been engaging in multiple things, from big to small; organising events at uni, seeing friends at the weekends, reading books (to complete my Goodreads reading challenge) and spending time on the couch with my family, plus chasing my cat around the house. Very little time was left for writing, and if I had it, I filled those gaps with other activities.

The thing is now, that I’m planning on doing more photography in the future (starting with finally buying that good camera I have wanted for ages, my friends don’t even take me seriously anymore as I still express my wish to purchase it) and writing about what I photograph. The posts won’t be coming up in a scheme, but as my second term should be more ‘easy going’, I might find the time to finally sit down and write. I imagine you have heard this so many times over, but I genuinely like this. It’s just the discipline which is lacking.

I will be brainstorming for ideas – starting with figuring out where I put the piece of paper with all my ideas written on it… and subsequently starting to write again. God, I missed it, I realise now, and surely after reading the advise article on students who want to take up the writing life.

Enjoy your Sunday!





Studying at Uni // Announcements

Hi everyone

Let’s get this straight from the beginning, I almost forgot about this blog. I know, it’s a shame and I think too that it is not so responsable; starting something and then neglecting it.

The two main reasons why I quit for so long, is first because I went to university in fall, starting a bachelor’s degree in Law. I had my desk filled to the rooftop with study work and I didn’t really know how to handle it, so I tangled. I wasn’t myself anymore and the responsabilities, stress, deadlines, time calculation were practically all I thought about. To phrase it in one line: living with my head was dull and toxic…

Secondly, I was afraid. Afraid of throwing my privacy in the wide open world. Only two or three people know about this blog and to be honest, I was afraid about the comments I’d get from friends and family. Opening a blog is in my circle still seen as a typically cosmopolitan thing and, well, I’m not a New Yorker.

But I think I’m going to throw those reasons and doubts overboard and start doing what I love: writing, sharing art, books, photographs, poems, stand up for things I believe in, like gender equality and a more loving world. I’ve set my goal on investing in those things and just keep it real, too. I’ve been limited in expressing the creative part of me (due to  uni) and it has brought me almost to my knees. I was so… dis-tached. I became apathic and was struck when I realised it myself. The floor disappeared from under my feet.

And, through all this time, I kept watching and reading vlogs and blogs by Estée Lalonde, Garance Doré, Alexandria Morgan etc, amazed and fascinated, thinking: ‘I want this too.’

So, I hope that all of you out there forgive me my absence. I am truly sorry.

As for blog posts, I’m not going to stick to a plan, since the to the rooftop filled study work hasn’t magically disappeared. But my aim is to post regularly (like once a week) about what’s been on my mind.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xxx

PS: If you’d like to post a comment, please do so! I love reading other people’s thoughts and ideas!