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sandramillerBy Sandra A. Miller

Make lattes at the bookstore café or bag groceries at the Stop ‘n’ Shop. Give the job some muscle and love, but not every moment of your writing time. Or find a position that taps your talent in exchange for a sizable salary. Eat well. Drink well. Don’t think of this as a right or wrong choice, but you’ll soon enough learn what you hunger for.

Or, like me, pack a bag and move to Japan where you can write through the night in your lonely apartment with Hemingway novels scattered across a blonde straw floor. An eager student will teach you the word for rising sun, Asahi, which, in turn, you will whisper to your lover at dawn, the one who fills, then breaks, your heart, leaving you alone again with nothing but your notebook. Write! Write! Blur the ink with tears as you journey…

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Things associated with women – part 1 // On matters – Feminism

Things associated with women – part 1 // On matters – Feminism

Hi everyone

After a year in uni, a lot has happened. I have learned and experienced a lot and there’s something that frequently struck my mind. It was the fact that there is still a stereotypical view on women, mostly imposed by men. I have never felt this so clearly, not even in secondary school.

This will be part one of a mini-series I’ll write on my blog. This idea has been playing on my mind a lot and I finally sat down to write about it. If you sort of get lost in why this is about feminism, I put this under that tag because this series discusses the mindset of society expecting certain things of women, just because they are women. This article will discuss the first topic: make-up.

“You don’t wear make-up”

No, I (nearly) don’t. Mostly I just wear mascara and some concealer on pimples if I have them (and really are fluorescent red), sometimes BB cream on my  nose – the dermatologist says that I have more veins in my skin there and it often shows super red, so I cover it up just a little bit, but only if I think it really necessary. I prefer to just let it “open” so that my skin can breathe. When I’m feeling up for it, I’ll wear brown eye pencil (by Rituals, post on that following later) which is really subtle. Apparently, I am to sort of “update” how I look, so that other people (read: boys) find me more attractive.


But why is that? I’m just a person like anyone else. I don’t really mind being thought of as ‘non-attractive’, because my judgment of others will mostly be based on what I think of you as a person, not on how they look. (But you’re a friend of mine and if you mistreat your body, I’ll speak my mind.) Am I so naive in expecting people to treat me likewise?

For the record, I do like make-up. I really do, but not to put on my face every day. I’m going to uni to study and of course I don’t walk in my pyjamas or go to class still with my hair in its braid (I braid my hair for sleeping to tame my curly hair, so you can imagine what it looks like when I wake up 😉 ) but it’s not Paris fashion week!

When I go out I do like to put on eyeshadow, a bit of blush / highlighter and lipstick because for that one night that I have this event, I like, you know, feeling “fancy”. Putting on subtle make-up which enhances my features is fun on nights like this! I never go overboard. It just makes me happy 🙂


Another thing is that I got sort of critized over which brands of make-up I used. (The phrase was something like this (on the nose subject): “You have to go to this brand X, they have super good products which will look good on you. The ones you use now are not as good as these, it doesn’t cover up well- etc etc…”) I have to pay for my beauty products myself so I think every purchase over. It’s nice that people want to help you in finding good products, but this sounded like a judgment, when I look back on it. Because that person insisted that I should cover the redness and praised other girls wearing make-up by that brand and thought they looked beautiful. It made me feel like I was ugly with my pink-to-red-toned nose, but it’s just another part of my body. It just happens to have a lot of veins and after several years I have come to the point that I no longer mind. And I will decide when and if I want to cover it up.

#positivity #nomakeup


If you too have thoughts on this subject, you can always leave them in the comments, I love to read them!



*PS1: I seldom share photos of myself and I hope you all understand. I’m still doubting whether I’ll post pictures of myself on the blog. If someone has tips / ideas about that, let me know! 😀

*PS2: Post not sponsored in any way (in case you wondered as it features some brand products 🙂 )

About things…

About things…

Hey everyone

I was planning a post around a book I’ve read the past couple of weeks, but then I was taken ill and I had to struggle to get through my school work and then… the Brussels attacks happened.

I didn’t believe the news when I first heard it. I once spent hooouuurs in that departure hall and I realized that in those hours, a similar attack could have taken place. Tuesday I also realized how quick everything can end; a group of fellow students were to depart Wednesday to Croatia. They were ‘lucky’. The hour of the attacks and their hour of departure the next day differed around 28 hours. Their faces were instantly pale when news spread about the attacks. We’re all going to London this May and we’ll all be using the underground. Should I be afraid our not? is a question that constantly pops up in my head. I refuse to change my habits because I think that then these terrorists win. But on the other hand, you don’t want to risk your life. It’s a tricky balance to walk on.

John Lennon cover

Tuesday I realized how horrible this must be for people living in countries where this sort of terrorism takes place every month or every week. The thought only chills me to the bone. And then, to make everything more dramatic, there were attacks in Iraq and Lahore, Pakistan too. You’d believe it’s an insane world we’re living in…

I think that we Europeans and ectually all others, whether you’re from Morocco, Rumania, Russia, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan or where ever, should unite and talk about a solution. Because it’s clear that in towns like Molenbeek and Schaarbeek there hasn’t been much talking. Instead of dividing ourselves, I believe we should unite ourselves. To me, that’s the only way we’ll change this situation.

world peace sign jpg

I hope that no one of your family or friends has been affected by any attack and if they have, be strong and please try not to be hateful. There are solutions with a minimum of violence, and the challenge in this times will be to see and apply them.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Holiday!

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P.s.: after the attacks in Paris, I listened to ‘Iron Sky‘ by Paolo Nutini. I think what he sings makes sense. Have a listen:

If you want to know more about the position of women in ISIS in Syria and Iraq, this is a book worth reading (Dutch): Webwinkel De vrouwen van het kalifaat

Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld || Song of the Week

Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld || Song of the Week

Hey everyone

As song of the week, I’d love to light out Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld. To me, and certainly with this week’s Women’s Day, I think the song carries out a sort of healthy individualism. You’ve got to stand for yourself and you’ve got to love yourself, even if you feel like no one else does (but believe me, someone always does) & make those dreams come TRUE!

Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld

With this women empowerment message, I’d like to wish you all out there a fantastic weekend!





After not finding the time nor new ideas to keep this blog going, I’m busy thinking over a new concept which I can hold on to. The last couple of months have been really hard and I’m doing everything I can to make this blog lively, fun and a pleasure to visit for everyone. Thanks for being patient with me.