Studying at Uni // Announcements

Hi everyone

Let’s get this straight from the beginning, I almost forgot about this blog. I know, it’s a shame and I think too that it is not so responsable; starting something and then neglecting it.

The two main reasons why I quit for so long, is first because I went to university in fall, starting a bachelor’s degree in Law. I had my desk filled to the rooftop with study work and I didn’t really know how to handle it, so I tangled. I wasn’t myself anymore and the responsabilities, stress, deadlines, time calculation were practically all I thought about. To phrase it in one line: living with my head was dull and toxic…

Secondly, I was afraid. Afraid of throwing my privacy in the wide open world. Only two or three people know about this blog and to be honest, I was afraid about the comments I’d get from friends and family. Opening a blog is in my circle still seen as a typically cosmopolitan thing and, well, I’m not a New Yorker.

But I think I’m going to throw those reasons and doubts overboard and start doing what I love: writing, sharing art, books, photographs, poems, stand up for things I believe in, like gender equality and a more loving world. I’ve set my goal on investing in those things and just keep it real, too. I’ve been limited in expressing the creative part of me (due to  uni) and it has brought me almost to my knees. I was so… dis-tached. I became apathic and was struck when I realised it myself. The floor disappeared from under my feet.

And, through all this time, I kept watching and reading vlogs and blogs by Estée Lalonde, Garance Doré, Alexandria Morgan etc, amazed and fascinated, thinking: ‘I want this too.’

So, I hope that all of you out there forgive me my absence. I am truly sorry.

As for blog posts, I’m not going to stick to a plan, since the to the rooftop filled study work hasn’t magically disappeared. But my aim is to post regularly (like once a week) about what’s been on my mind.

Lots of love,

Charlotte xxx

PS: If you’d like to post a comment, please do so! I love reading other people’s thoughts and ideas!

Latin America pt.1 || #travelbucketlist

Latin America pt.1 || #travelbucketlist

Hey guys

Lately, I have been dreaming… -I promise you, a world map as underlayer on your desk just kidnaps your thoughts 😉 .

Lately I have my mind / head in the travelling clouds, and I would absolutely love to travel as much as I can and to be creative underway. In this past couple of months, I have been developing a fascination for Latin America, Africa, Scandinavia… Plus, the trip to Puglia is booked! Yaay! So next month, most of my posts will from Puglia and about the region and Italy in general.

But nevertheless, I don’t want to limit my travels just within Europe. One of my dream journeys is to discover Latin America, starting in Montevideo, Uruguay.

#1: Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo - Uruguay | LUGARES SORPRENDENTES

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and is situated in on the north side of the Rio de la Plata, where on the south side Buenos Aires (capital of Argentina) is. Montevideo is under the Equator, so summer is from December till March. To me it seems a very beautiful and fun city to visit and it’s a country where not a lot of people go – I think – and I’d like to go to places that are sort of still ‘undiscovered’, you know what I mean?

#2: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Argentina

By boat or by plane – or by any means of transport – I would travel to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. I think Argentina is an amazing country with la Pampa and Patagonia in the south and I would absolutely LOVE to visit the country. Apparently the Casa Rosada and the Cabildo are must sees. (but I’m sure the city has so much more to offer!)

#3: Rosario, Argentina

Rosario, Argentina

From BA, I would go up north to Rosario, the birth place of the famous Che Guevara (although I didn’t want to visit the place because he was born there, but it seemed a good stop on my way up north). There are a lot of museums to visit and there is ofcourse the Rosario-Victoria Bridge.

#4: Santa Fe, Argentina


Seeing photos of this city, it reminds me of Rosario. It is situated not far from the place where the Parana and the Salado collide. The Municipial Theatre and San Martin street are hot spots here.

#5: Reserva Procincial Ibera (Iberica Marshes), Argentina


The marshes are a reserve with a high biodiversity and lagoons (like the Laguna del Ibera shown in the picture above) and the wide marshlands. Thanks to this typical environment, the reserve is home to for example the marsh deer, which lives in Argentina, Peru, Bolivia etc. According to the animal’s conservation status, it is vulnerable. So having / creating reserves like this wouldn’t be a bad thing.

#6: Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu Falls Argentina Picture

These are Argentinan / Brazilian falls and are creations of nature I definitely want to see. They are so astonishingly beautiful… I always feel, when I see something alike, sooo small and it always remembers me of the ‘smallness’ of mankind. Often we think of ourselves as quite a lot and hover over the ground and when we see this majestic work of nature, we are brought back to our feet.

#7: Asuncion, Paraguay

To end my journey, I’d end in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay which is in fact not that far from the border. It is one of the oldest cities in Latin America. The name refers to Assumption, the day Mary was ‘welcomed’ in heaven.

This is a journey that is ranked pretty high on my #travelbucketlist and I would love to be able to make it. I really love the Latin American culture and the nature it still holds. I hope that one day I will be able to really be there.

I hope you have enjoyed this one! There are surely more #travelbucketlist posts to come. And let me ask; what’s on your #travelbucketlist?

For comments/tips/extra ideas: leave a comment below! I am happy to read them 🙂 .






Jij zegt het / Connie Palmen || #thereadinglist

Jij zegt het / Connie Palmen || #thereadinglist

Hi everyone

I have been eager on discussing a famous couple of the literature world with you: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. There is a lot to be told about them and there surely has been and I still keep wondering who they were.

Jij zegt het

I haven’t read any of Sylvia’s work yet, but I plan to do that this summer (my reading list is getting a bit too long I think… :p ). What I want to read to, is a book by the Dutch author Connie Palmen, who won the Libris Literature Prize with Jij zegt het (in English: You say so), in which she apparently points out Ted Hughes’ view of the whole story. I read in an article once that Sylvia suffered from depressions and ultimately commited suicide and that Hughes got the blame for the sad occurance…

Sylvia Plath1

I am so very interested in the life of Sylvia and Ted. I read and hear that she was a talented poet who died way to soon. I would love to analyse her poems, but I am not going to study literature next year, so I fear I will not be able to do it on an academic level…

By the way, I really wonder what the fox and the bird on the cover stand for… I’ll let you know when I find out. 🙂

Do you have these authors you always keep wondering about? And what do you think of Sylvia and Ted? Wanting to know how they were, what occured in their life? Let me know in the reactions below!




Scandinavia: the Lofoten || #travelbucketlist

Scandinavia: the Lofoten || #travelbucketlist

Hi everyone

I’m sorry it took me longer to post than I expected; exams ruined my plan :/

I hope to post more this upcoming weekend, I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas that need to be written / typed down!

A few weeks ago, I saw this short movie via National Geographic about the Lofoten in Norway. It’s an island group where e.g. Reine is situated. I immediately fell head over heals in love.


The main reason why I would go there, is because I want to feel the power of nature, I miss it in western ‘continental’ Europe. I miss the feeling of being alone, because actually in Belgium, you never are. I miss the bond society once had with nature and I want to rediscover it and write about it! That would be… the biggest dream I have coming true.

This one video triggered a whole part of me I didn’t really know, and I hope I will live by the goals I have set for myself.

I’ll put the link below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

The Lofoten / Norway || Raphael Rogers



The Girl from Ipanema || Song of the Week

The Girl from Ipanema || Song of the Week

Hi guys!

The Girl from Ipanema… I smile with the thought of the tune alone. It is just a lovely, cute song with a nice summer feeling. And it has been an earworm for… a month. :p

The begining of the song is in Portuguese, which I absolutely love about it; it lets you float gently to the sweet Mediterranean with its sunny climate and wonderful sea…It just makes me happy and willing to just dance gently around the room. (are you getting the picture? 😉 )

I have always known the song, but recently rediscovered it; I was watching a video by Ingrid Nilsen and Shay Mitchell on YouTube and they were talking about it and how they have grown up with the song. I have been playing the song… a LOT ever since 😉 . (plus, the summer feeling is staying out in Belgium; maybe my underconsciousness is trying to seduce summer to finally introduce a decent weather… anyway 😛 ).

The Girl from Ipanema

link to the Ingrid Nilsen & Shay Mitchell video: Sense of Self by Ingrid & Shay

Enjoy the song and have a wonderful day!



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Looking back at Copenhagen: culture & philosophy || Travelling

Looking back at Copenhagen: culture & philosophy || Travelling

Hej everyone!

This will be my last post about Copenhagen and I’d love to discuss their culture and philosophy with you, because it’s quite different than in Belgium for example.

Scandinavia is known for it’s ‘model’; the way they organize the state and politics and how that influences the lives of the people. It’s, yet again, all clean lines. In Belgium it’s no problem for a politician to be in director’s boarders of companies or organisations while in Denmark, our guide told that such thing was impossible.

In Denmark (and I think Scandinavia in general), tax rates are really high, even over 50% on income alone. There is a 180% tax on cars, 25% VAT and probably taxes I do not know of. Especially drinks – in Copenhagen –  are expensive.
To compare: in Belgium, I think the tax on income is around 40 to 50%, VAT is 21% but not on all items. And a car… that’s surely a lot less, but I do not know the exact numbers. For a drink in Belgium, I’d say you pay €2.30 to €3 (maybe €4 or €5 in Brussels), depends on where you go.

Kopenhagen 122

But what do they get in return? Because, that’s the main

factor, right?

In Denmark, health care is completely free (my mouth dropped when I heard that), unlike in Belgium. Work weeks are shorter (think of Sweden!) Students studying at universities get a monthly pay (but apparently it’s less than it used to be). The state is much more involved in the lives of the citizens. It’s a thing you like or do not like.

I think in Belgium we’re sort of inbetween, but even with our waterfall of taxes in Belgium, we have to pay schools, health care and a lot of other things mainly ourselves. It’s just different.

The culture is therefore a bit different too. People live in smaller homes and spend – surely in cities – most of their income on rent and just living. They’re more modest in a way, I think. I too heard that Danes do not invest in houses, but in design furniture. And that Scandinavian design I absolutely adore.

Kopenhagen 104

I think Scandinavia has society structures which are less focused on consuming but more on being together. It’s reflected in how they build houses, in the openness of the land. The Danes for example are thought to be the happiest nation in the world. That puts things in perspective.

Kopenhagen 225

That being said, I’d surely recommend to visit Denmark or any other Scandinavian country! It’s a nice encounter with a slightly different philosophy but it gives ideas and inspiration.

Enjoy your day!



*featured image: Malmö, Sweden

**earlier posts about Copenhagen & London: menu-> wanderlust -> travelling

***Stay tuned for posts about travelling & books coming up!
(I have my final exams next month, so perhaps I won’t be posting a lot in June.)